Saturday, January 28, 2012


drawling from Concept Club last night. I I was going to work on this much more, but I think I'll just move on for now.  Concept Club was a really nice kick in the butt yesterday and has helped me start thinking about "what I'm drawing and why" again.  So thanks for the insightful convo's urrybody!  

I can no longer expect to have a great piece, or a piece I am happy with every time.  The important thing is learning something from the pieces and using that knowledge in the next piece.  I think expectations can be a very deadly thing if you let them control your art the majority of the time.  So something that I will be trying to keep in mind is to just simplify if I don't understand something, and try to learn from it.  If I worry about what other people think, or how far away from my goals I am, my progress will slow.

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  1. Droppin science brother! I get caught in those expectations from time to time which really stunts my growth. Its become a sort of natural reaction for negative feelings to come up when its not going well.

    This guy is lookin FRESH! I feel like me and your character are thinkin the same thing `this too EPIC!`