Friday, June 22, 2012

Studies n Simplifying my process

I dug up an old random Rage of the Dragon's 2 sketch, put my quarter in, and continued. I just felt like painting and eventually began thinking about what I have been doing wrong.  I have been needing to simplify my process a lot since I tend to overwhelm myself and get mediocre results and loath the result.  This however didn't turn out that way. I stopped and thought about what I was doing which actually has been a pretty nice change.  I still got caught up in spending too much time on areas and making my brush small and getting way ahead of myself, but eventually checked myself.  I still have a bit left on this, and hopefully I can continue to push through my process effectively.  I must must must remember to work smarter not harder

These are just some random studies and a bonus WIP doodle.

For you house heads, I have been vibing off of this:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some old and some new

fucking with some brushes from way back.

This is an older character from a few years ago...freaking ram horns still elude me.

This was going to be for an art show, but It slowly started getting out of "hand".

Her hood makes no sense...but that's alright...just a practice piece.  I think Marco would beat me down for this nonsensical hood physics.

awww yeaaa

his pants don't match his top...what a fashion nightmare.

Valar far one of the coolest characters in GoT....freaking bad ass.

I don't even know...just wanted to try out some painting techs...I think I've worked on it enough. to get down what I wanted.  Man that monsters design is wiggity whack! haha.