Friday, June 22, 2012

Studies n Simplifying my process

I dug up an old random Rage of the Dragon's 2 sketch, put my quarter in, and continued. I just felt like painting and eventually began thinking about what I have been doing wrong.  I have been needing to simplify my process a lot since I tend to overwhelm myself and get mediocre results and loath the result.  This however didn't turn out that way. I stopped and thought about what I was doing which actually has been a pretty nice change.  I still got caught up in spending too much time on areas and making my brush small and getting way ahead of myself, but eventually checked myself.  I still have a bit left on this, and hopefully I can continue to push through my process effectively.  I must must must remember to work smarter not harder

These are just some random studies and a bonus WIP doodle.

For you house heads, I have been vibing off of this:

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