Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Star Chick

Just another chick drawing. Tried to use this as a warm up but ran into problems and ended up taking more time on it than intended. You can see the action in the live stream. I might go back and revisit this later, but for now I aint touching it no mo! ONWARD HOOOOO! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and watched as well :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

Enchanting Harp

Okay so this was supposed to be quicker than it actually turned out to be. I keep running into issues with live stream bogging down my comp. I tried switching to normal streaming, and that seemed to fix some lag issues, I just know that it's all a bit unstable right now. Soon I will figure out a way for everything to run smoothly. This is just a quick speedie that I decided to do before bed. Just a practice peice, I dont feel like the comp is solid as well as alot of other things in here. The things I am worried about will mature over time and practice :D Just something a bit fantastical. Have a good night folks.

PS. I just got a new brush set and decided to explore it while painting. I normally stick to only a hand full of brushes, which all got deleted after my recent reformat. You can check out the brush set and a tutorial on how it was used here. Yang Xueguo achieved some really interesting looking strokes in photoshop. I didn't get a chance to read through and use them correctly, although I am sure they could be more powerful that way.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Here is a painting/sketch type thing I have been pushing around in my spare time the last couple of nights. Just some practice grounds for some paintingzzz. I wanted to keep a mood going in this one, so I kept it a bit darker. There are prolly better ways of going about this, and will have to experiment with it more.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ok so here is my first post for my brand spanking new cool kid crew blog. Gonna drop some more pencil doo doo down soon. Decided to step it up and start posting a bit more of my work and get some nice feedback and get more involved with the art community out there. Thanks for stopping by folks.