Monday, July 20, 2009

Enchanting Harp

Okay so this was supposed to be quicker than it actually turned out to be. I keep running into issues with live stream bogging down my comp. I tried switching to normal streaming, and that seemed to fix some lag issues, I just know that it's all a bit unstable right now. Soon I will figure out a way for everything to run smoothly. This is just a quick speedie that I decided to do before bed. Just a practice peice, I dont feel like the comp is solid as well as alot of other things in here. The things I am worried about will mature over time and practice :D Just something a bit fantastical. Have a good night folks.

PS. I just got a new brush set and decided to explore it while painting. I normally stick to only a hand full of brushes, which all got deleted after my recent reformat. You can check out the brush set and a tutorial on how it was used here. Yang Xueguo achieved some really interesting looking strokes in photoshop. I didn't get a chance to read through and use them correctly, although I am sure they could be more powerful that way.

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