Sunday, February 28, 2010

Failstalkers 2010

Hey Hey all,
So I just recently picked up my sweet new tablet PC. I was kinda in limbo figuring out if I should pick one up now, or wait for later this year or next. I think 2010 is going to be the year of a whole new wave of tablet PCs. Anyhow, I found a sweet deal on craigslist, and hot damn...I'm loving it.

I decided to give my unsubmitted Failstalkers piece for the Dark Stalkers Tribute Book another go. I was really unhappy with it. This new one was a step closer, and more of a test for myself to see if I could push a few things on it. So I started working on it on my new tablet PC :D and just worked on it here and there.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Im Super Turnt Up!

So here are some studies from earlier this year. I have been a bit out of it for a little bit now, just swamped with work and life, however am ready to hop right back in it. I decided to post these up and move on...gotta keep moving. IM SO TURNT UP RIGHT NOW!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Cleaning

So recently I asked a co-worker to crit my shit. He suggested I draw characters from different angles since I trapped myself in the eye level shot (for concept purposes). Unknowingly I have refined my camera angles, where as before I used to play with them more. That night I went home and busted this out. I slapped some quick paints on, but haven't gone back to it yet. I don't know, I am kind of fond of that roughness.

Go check out his stuff:

Originally wanted to get crazy buckwild on this thing, but I lost a lot of steam, and as opposed to sit there and polish poo, I decided to post it and move on. I learned what I have trouble with, working on this. And will have to come back at a later time and try to tackle something like this again.

This is how I feel about it:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey all, so here goes some stuff I was working on towards the end of the year/beginning of this year. I decided to clean up my sketches a little bit, and layout some stuff. Some of the characters I wasn't planning on sharing until they were painted up, but it looks like I am not going to get around to it. Too many bigger and better things to be working on :D

This will probably be end of my super scratchy style...I have been working on cleaning my lines up, and planning them out better so I am not consistantly going over the same line. Overall it should help me become a better artist since I am thinking about my stuff more, and not rushing through it.

Mess Head: You have seen him before in my first post, nothing is different.

Guaba: Just some girl I can throw down some fashion jyles on. Did this after I got back from Japan and saw all the damn cool clothes.

Bird Dagger Dood: I haven't named him yet, and am not super happy with his design, I feel his silhouette is pretty cool, and he would be a cool character type, but would definitely want to go back and refine his look. Plus alien birds that scream I need to learn how to draw birds dont really add much.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Woo a lot of activity going on in the "ART" section of my spec tree. Currently I have been working on a few intense projects, and meanwhile been doing some commission work, and trying my best to cram studies in there as well. I just finished one major portion of my workload, and have found myself drawing in that newly found free time. Unfortunately its really scratchy rough stuff which is more just doodle diarrhea. I have been finding some very insightful videos that are great reminders of things, and can express what I feel, think about. I should have some art up soon, but until then:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Graphite Sniper

Muahahaha. At one point in time my subjects were dropping what they were doing, and just would look right at me...kinda freaks me out. That baby had a hard stare.