Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey all, so here goes some stuff I was working on towards the end of the year/beginning of this year. I decided to clean up my sketches a little bit, and layout some stuff. Some of the characters I wasn't planning on sharing until they were painted up, but it looks like I am not going to get around to it. Too many bigger and better things to be working on :D

This will probably be end of my super scratchy style...I have been working on cleaning my lines up, and planning them out better so I am not consistantly going over the same line. Overall it should help me become a better artist since I am thinking about my stuff more, and not rushing through it.

Mess Head: You have seen him before in my first post, nothing is different.

Guaba: Just some girl I can throw down some fashion jyles on. Did this after I got back from Japan and saw all the damn cool clothes.

Bird Dagger Dood: I haven't named him yet, and am not super happy with his design, I feel his silhouette is pretty cool, and he would be a cool character type, but would definitely want to go back and refine his look. Plus alien birds that scream I need to learn how to draw birds dont really add much.


  1. Just: waaaaaaw! You have my whole admiration. So much details! Great work...