Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cowboys for no raisens..

For some weird reason, after work today I started busting out some western style stuff. It has been a bit since I kicked out a cowboy.  When I got home I thought I would try some thumbnail exploration of different style costumes.  Still not sure if this is going to be for anything, most likely just for fun.  There was some times I got to free myself a bit and just add some funky designs that would totally not fit the old west, but had some cool aesthetics.

Some good arting listens:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Quick sketchy sketch from a work break. I am actually pretty happy with how this was turning out.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A little too Raph...

It's quiet.
A little too quiet.
Hey, it's Raph!
A little too Raph.

Sorry for being so inactive as of late. October was nuts, filled with some crazy zombie schenanigens, costume building, house fixing up, etc.  I participated in the Run For Your Lives 5k Marathon, as both a runner and a zombie.  I scared the shat out of a few people I am sure.  I didn't hold back, screaming my head off, throwing a zombie fit, and chasing people up and down a hill all day like a lunatic.  All in was a great time, and I will surely be going back next year.

On to the arting! It has been a bit slow lately.  I feel like the past couple of years I have just been spinning my wheels, and not really finding that traction I need.  So when I get a small bit of it, I get pretty damn excited.  I have been trying to find my technique or method that will be my stepping stone to learn and study other artists, execute at a fast pace, and be satisfying to do.  I realize I have made some critical mistakes in my practice.  Expecting my stuff to look like all those amazing inspirational artists, and trying to get closer to their level of skill.  I got focused on their level of polish, without really considering the subject matter and the ideas, or the process and personality which got them there.  Getting caught up in the technical side of things, as opposed to the creative (fun) side.  I have found myself enjoying drawing again, and really trying to allow myself to get lost in it, as opposed to forcing myself to do it, or fitting it in my schedule.  I haven't really pinpointed the exact process or direction I will be heading, but will adamantly be searching for it for the next few weeks.

Enough with the jibber jabber, here's some shit to look at:

I am still tera-bad at env and mood pieces..but they are still fun to kick around every now and then.

I just finished this piece for my buddy RJ.  Go peep his work and go cop his digital sketchbooks.

Just some random sketches from the past few weeks.

This one was a warm up I did during a lunch break.

Another work sketch, just trying out a different technique.  #2 is my fav, and will probably take her design further.

An inspiring read: Chris Oatley - Free yourself from Perfect

A motivational watch, note: its about an hour long..so strap in!

Malcom Gladwell - Why do some succeed where others fail?