Saturday, January 21, 2012


This is a fanart of my buddy Reggie's character from his webcomic David-PR

So this is a re-occuring character Elena I created in college. She is a magic based character that makes it her life journey to learn magic from the camps and cultures she travels to. She eventually dabbles in some very dark magic which eventually begins to corrupt her. This is just a quick sketch of her beginning to experience some of this darkness.

Yes yes..another hooded clue what my fascination with that is other than adding a level of mystery to characters. In all fairness though, she was originally designed with a hood

Also while you are surfing the interwebs, go check out my buddy DarkHalo's latest album: A Million Drops.  Be warned, this is a highly addictive album and you will find yourself craving to hear the sweet ambiance of this terrific release.  Go check it out on soundcloud, or download it.  Also if you'd like to read more about it, go peep my friend Irene's great article on it.

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