Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lean wit it Rock wit it

Here is something I drew at starbucks today and then proceeded to start painting at home. Kinda fun to just let loose. Its a nostalgic feeling I must say. Lately the weight of having to "finish something good" has been a mental star destroyer which casts this fatty shadow over everything I draw. Its nice to break out of that a bit.

Some recent sketches from the good ol fart book. I used to live in this book and until recently, it hasnt been getting much love.

*Note: there is a Janaschi and Jeff K Simpson study in there. Lately noses have been on the mind and I was trying to figure out how they handled them.*

1 comment:

  1. God damn Justing, I swear one of these days you need to release a clothing line haha. Like I said before. If not I'mma have to see if I can make something from your drawings >:o Loving that hood and feel of the character.