Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Commissions + Chick Tat WIP

Here are my latest quick pencil commissions, these I generally try to keep pretty quick. I tend to add tones since my sketches are feeling a bit more rushed lately. I still sit down and spend time in my sketch book but its getting easier and easier to get distracted. I am going to remedy this by leaving the house to draw to isolate myself from the interwebs and ps3.

*note: I dont remember where I got the photo for the bats bg, but just throwing it out there as to not take credit for it*

This is just a painting I have been messing with after work. I have never painted up a sexy type chick so I decided to mess around with this one before I jump into it. Trying to get my blending down and introduction of more colors. It has been a while since I jumped straight into color and instantly pleased with the lack of greys and dead colors. Still chipping away at this and finding myself needing to reference things. Any feedback is welcome!

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