Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just a new technique practice. I kept everything pretty damn rough, and found a pretty nifty workflow that utilizes some of Adam Hughes technique. It simplifies things, and helps me think of the properties of shadows. I thought of HTK when I was doing the shadows on the skin, since he likes his greys.

I also got to mess a bit and see how it would look with a white base color. I separated everything on different layers, so it made it a bit tedious, but there is a cool look to it. The power of clipping masks help make this so much easier though. This method is so very flexible, and sets it up nice for concepts, since changes can be made on the fly, even line work can be changed, and then the color layers can simply be modded to follow the new work. (originally she was wearing a sweatshirt cut off)

This would help me setup everything I would need for a painting, or if I just wanted to leave it colored. It was weird, I had an itch to start painting, even before I had the legs colored. I fought it and tried to push through and just see what I could do without painting. The line work is another element which could be painted, or I could even Adam Hughes it, and start detailing stuff in inks.

Anywho, just throwing it out there.

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