Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First off big thanks to Andre for helping out with it! Here is my first CD cover. I ran into issues, and tried what I could to make it my own since it was based off a scene/screen cap from the movie Metropolis.

In the end, my friend was staying with me, watched me paint it, and be all zoomed 600% n shit, and then was like..."so thats a CD cover huh? Isnt it only going to be like this big?" *hand gesture to approximately the size of a cd cover* I zoomed out and was like "Awww shit!" live and learn. I could have gestured in a lot of the detail, and just spent time on the important parts. Plus all the parts I wanted to concentrate on, you wont even see. There is always next time.

Note: Looking at the two, the composition and contrast is so much greater in the movie. Damn...I should have had this up as reference more....


  1. Thats pretty awesome Justin. Is this for a band you know or was it just for fun?

  2. Thanks Jon, I know one of the members of the band. I think they are trying to get into the warped tour right now or something. They are called "Tora Tora Tora" and local!