Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Heaven's Hell Fanart

I got a chance to sit down and got a chance to play with some pixels for a moment, and wanted to do some fan art of my buddy AJ's world Heaven's Hell.  He ran a contest earlier this year and I decided to do a drawing using his rules as my challenge.  It was to complete a character within an hour that would belong in the world of Heaven's Hell.  After that hour I liked where it was at, but decided to mess around with some techniques and try to push the piece to finish.  Also facebook's image crunchiness motivated me to push things a bit further and clean up a lot of the areas to read clearer.

click to enlarge


  1. i liked the bug helmet better :p

  2. Yea there was some nice things going on with the rough, for some reason power rangers clicked into my head when I was doing the helmet and sorting the shapes out. :P A revised alien/bug helmet would be a nice variation I should explore. Thanks Max!