Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Head Studies

Worked on these guys last night trying to practice some learnings! These are about 2-3 inches tall, and trying to keep them small at first to keep from getting too superficial with them. This allows me to avoid certain details, and just think of the overall form and shapes. I am also trying to keep the time spent on these down so that I don't get sucked into this long art process which can get draining and demoralizing. 15-25 min spent on each.

Another head study from over the weekend. Trying to pay more attention to tones, and lighting. Since I don't have my pencils and materials for traditional stuff, I tried applying the techniques I have been learning in a more digital fashion. Seemed to work out alright, but its really tempting to paint things up, and zoom in and go bonkers on things.

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