Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Attack the Block

Another one of those lunch time sketches with some work at home.  Two weeks after watching the Attack the Block, I randomly started listening to the sound track.  I was looking for some good jams to paint to, and I remember the mood from the movie had this fun, modern, serious vibe if that makes any sense.  From what I could recall it had a bit more of a "thickness" than the Drive OST.  I pulled it up and was working on a different  lunch time doodle, which I should be posting up soon, and then immediately started sketching this one out.

What was fun about this one that made it different was that I was inspired by my boy Kalen Chock, and his planned method he used when livestreaming this latest Halloween piece.  He planned for things ahead instead of rushing headfirst into the piece, and tripping on it like I do the majority of the time.  I tried to think more of my process and went back to a more fundamental approach.  I found things being easier to work on and modify. I could keep things a bit clearer, and better organized.  This would have provided me with more flexibility if I so chose.  I also got to experiment with different poses for the characters, and also got to see what they looked like when they occupied different parts of the screen.  It was great to get back into that sort of mindset, where as of late I was getting attached to my pieces right from the get go.

  1. A quick and loose sketch where I drew each character onto their own layer, accompanied by a fill layer underneath.
  2. I begin to use that fill layer as a mask to begin choosing my colors and laying them in.
  3. I add some shading and some quick light sources.  A 2 pt scheme with a warm and a cool back lighting.  I start thinking about how the shadows and things are going to add a bit more drama.  I usually try to include the face, and so I won't turn heads at specific angles.  I used this as a way to start making conscious decisions against that.  My 2nd favorite character is actually turned away from the camera so it doesn't seem so posed.
  4. Things were rendered and defined a bit more, as well as the mood, and angle pushed slightly more.  I wanted to keep this quick, and so I had to fight myself from going in and rendering everything.

The tunes...

The trailer...

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