Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gunner Bot

Just a little exercise piece to try to break the normal proportions of characters.  My actual time to draw has been super scarce as of late, and when I sit down I am playing catch up, and it takes me longer to warm up.  I end up drawing the same thing over and over, formulaic if you will.  This is very discouraging, since I feel that there is more growth for me to have and I am not experimenting enough like I did a few years ago, and even more so years before that.  So this was done mostly using a flat brush, and just trying to break habits, and  it was quite refreshing if I do say so myself.  It's great that a quick lunch doodle can feel so good :D

The shapes are basic, and I had to struggle a bit to leave them that way, since blocks and cylinders aren't really all that interesting.  Sometimes you got to get the boring out, cause it's blocking the way of the interesting.


  1. you should try a drawing phoenix

  2. really dig this render dood. i do think his lower body is a bit too blocky. looks like it would have a tough time moving around.