Thursday, April 7, 2011

Collab Craziness!

So as of late Rejean and Kayo have come back to the states from Japan.  We have been hanging out, and I thought it would awesome to have RJ be a guest on my livestream and we could do a collab.  Without thinking about things too much and just naturally letting them develop, we ended up with this:

We both had lots of fun working on it, and enjoyed the chat and whole experience.  We got to really make new art decisions, because we have such different workflows and we had to adapt to this very organic and alive process of switching back and forth.  Hopefully we well get a chance to finish this up before he heads back to Japan.

On another collaboration note, me and Crazy Spork I Am started a collab last year, and had some help from Kirby UFO as well.  This was my take on her famed Nurse Lacey character, and we had a similar back and forth process but online.  The disadvantage to that is we didn't get to see the actual changes being made, only got to see the image after the fact.  Still was a very fun and different process due to artistic decisions out of my control and giving me a great piece to continue working on.  Here is Nurse Lacey in all of her seductive glory:

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