Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dream + Zombie Killers

Tuesday night I knocked out after making and stuffing my face with a delicious dinner. I passed out and had this crazy dream of this epic fight between this King who came to rule a kingdom through DBZ like strength, and his wifes guardian Wolf. The only person who won't listen to him is his own wife, and so in the scene he is yelling out to her while the wolf is perched up on the roof tops ready to defend his master.

I picked up L4D2 on Steam's black friday sale, and it totally fed my Zombie craze. That week I did some fan art, and these turned out crazy better than my Mass Effect 2 marker ones which have yet to be posted.

1 comment:

  1. I want your dreams! Looks like an image board for an animation.
    Your faces are so crispy mmmhmmm. Diggin those hits of orange poplockin it off the page! I totally missed out on the first L4D, game looked hella fun. You guys are havin so much fun out there!