Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween Cosplay

So for halloween this year I did some cosplay ish. I went as Yun from SF3 Third Strike. Here is my progress shots and final result. Also I would like to thank my co workers for helping me out with this, and I would not have been able to complete everything without their help.

The very first thing I did was bought cloth and cut it based off of a pattern for a vest. I planned for the front of the vest to be closed, and just have it more of a slip on style functionality.

I ran into trouble doing the hat, I went through two, and found that fabric paint in the soft can form is just horrible unless you are planning on using only one color. My first go I thought was going to be a success after masking off the top. It ended up bleeding and didnt work out.

Attempt #2 Masked off the hat with Duct Tape and a plastic bag, before hitting it with an actual air brush and fabric paint. No more crappy soft spray fabric paint.

I made the patch on the hat out of some foam sheet I got from Michaels. I just hit it with some prisma colors and they tended to smudge a lot since I didnt wait very long to wait for the ink to dry. A fixative is definitely recommended for this process.
After remasking the hat, dying the other side, and completing the patch, and sewing it on, I am pretty pleased with the hat. The old one I tried saving with some spray paint, but even that couldnt cover up the bleeding. The original color of the dye I had is showing on the button on the mistake hat.

These arm sleeves were pretty much the first things I have sewn. I bought some elbow spandex gloves and cut out the appropriate fingers. I sewed the edges so that the spandex wouldnt fray.
and a close up...

By this time the jacket is begining to come together and the collar is attached and looking pretty bad ass.

I found a frog button pattern online, but figured that the over all look I wanted was a bit more clean, so I made some fake frog buttons out of the blue trim used for the collar. I was over sewing at this point. But the vest is pretty much complete.

Due to trying to keep the idea of a budget and time, I just picked up some $6 XL sweats from target ,threw on my adidas, picked up some long black hair extensions to make the braid, and called it a day. Eventually I will pick up the baggy kung fu pants and some kung fu shoes that look pretty damn close to what Yun wears.

A quick shave and...
Overall it was a really fun experience, and I was really enjoying how crafty you can get with projects like these.