Thursday, July 22, 2010

Commission + Pchat Session

A recent bust commission of Michiko Hachin wearing Kamina's glasses. Cross over fun!

I got to try paint chatting tonight. Space man was my warm up, and then I tried painting Tong's lines as he drew them, fun stuff. I need to find out how to make pchat less choppy. The stylus feels really chunky, and non responsive at random intervals. It definitely doesn't feel as smooth as any painting program I have used before, including microsoft paint D:


  1. Nice work man.
    So what do you need to run paintchat?

  2. just java apparently, and a tablet of course :D

  3. You can use it without the tablet. Use a mosue if you are more comfortable :D

  4. I dont think I ever use a mouse to draw? Its always been paper and pencil for me